◆◆ CB1100R 生誕40周年記念写真集のご案内 ◆◆


December 2022 / A4 color / 300 pages
It has been 40 years since the CB1100R was born in 1981.
It was made in commemoration of this. Please enjoy the scenery of gems collected from all over the country!

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  • CB1100R 生誕40周年記念写真集
    ¥25,000 (税込・送料無料)
    【発行】CB1100R OWNER'S CLUB of JAPAN/野村達哉 


  • CB1100R 40th anniversary photobook
    JPY 25,000 (tax included/Shipping fees are free)
    [Publisher] CB1100R OWNER'S CLUB of JAPAN / Tatsuya Nomura
    [Photographer] Yuji Kitahara
    [Designer] Yasushi Otsuka


CB1100R写真集販売サイトはこちら / e-commerce website



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